Author Essentials Marketing and Publicity Timeline and Checklist

6 Months Before On-Sale Date

    • Is your AQ up-to-date?
    • Is your online and/or social media plan in place?
    • If you already have a website and/or all social media presence, have they been updated with a cover image and buy links to Amazon, B&N, and Demos?
    • Are there any events (workshops, conferences, corporate events) you should consider scheduling now?

3 Months Before On-Sale Date

    • Is your website and/or social media presence active?
    • Have you created or updated your Amazon Author page through Author Central?
    • Have you organized your contacts so that you have a plan for when to reach them, how to reach them and what you will ask them to do for you? (share the book with their social media, consider you for a speaking engagement, invite you to be a guest blogger, etc.)
    • If you are interested in running a pre-order campaign, are those plans developed?

1 Month Before On-Sale Date

    • Set-Up Google alerts for your name and the book title.
    • Register for HARO (Help a Reporter Out), a service that will send you real-time media opportunities from journalists on a deadline needing a source.

At On-Sale Date

    • Celebrate!
    • Send finished books to blurbers and contacts. Coordinate with your Editor.
    • Send finished books to 5 potential Amazon customer reviewers.

Going Forward

    • Keep your website updated and stay active on social media
    • Are there any new opportunities to explore? Keep Demos informed.