Demos Health Author Questionnaire

The Author Questionnaire (AQ) is used by the editorial, sales, publicity, and marketing teams to create the strongest possible publishing plan for your book. Please remember that detailed answers, including specific contact information, are crucial to the successful promotion of your book.

Please return to your editor, Julia Pastore, and contact her with any questions at or 212-845-9985.

Download the Author Questionnaire (PDF)


Book Title:



Author Information

1. Where should all correspondence be directed? Please provide preferred contact information for yourself and your co-editors/authors.



Mailing Address:


2. Please include links to your website, blog, and all of your social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.)


3. Please attach photos of yourself and your co-editors/authors. We’ll use these on the About the Author page and online marketing materials. Please include photo credits, if applicable. 



Book Information

3.  Please list 5 key selling points of your book. What characteristics make it unique?






4. Does your book include any special features, like appendices, checklists, worksheets, quizzes, illustrations, etc. that we should highlight in our promotional materials? If so, please note them.  







5.  Please list any competitive books and indicate how your book is different from them.


6.  Do you have recommendations for cover art? Are there any specific figures or illustrations from your book that should be featured on the cover and in promotional materials?



General Marketing 

7. Who should receive an advance copy of the book in order to provide a blurb? Please note why you feel they would be a good blurber for your book (expert in the field, well-known author of a book in the field, head of an influential organization, etc). Include contact information. Also include a “wish list” of people you may not know personally but still think would be right (note why).


8. Please list 5 people who would be willing to read the book and write a review on Amazon. Include contact information/mailing addresses.


9.  Please list professional associations that should be targeted in promoting your book. If possible, provide specific contact information for an individual at the organization. Also, indicate any mailing lists for these associations that you may be able to provide.

10. Which conferences do you regularly attend?


11. Are you a frequent public speaker? If so, please include your most recent schedule and any events, workshops, seminars, etc. you have scheduled for the future. Will you be able to promote and/or sell your book at these events?


12.  Please list any publicity and/or marketing contacts that we can use in the promotion of your book. Include name, publication/organization, contact information, nature of relationship, and desired outcome (for example, feature on the organization’s blog or Facebook page; speaking event; bulk sale). Indicate if you would prefer to make contact.

13.  What new drugs or medical equipment are included or mentioned in your book?  Please give us any pharmaceutical or medical equipment contacts you may have. 


14. Please include any other information you feel would be helpful to us in promoting your book.