Dining Out Gluten and Allergy-Free

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About this Video Q&A:
Kim Koeller, internationally acclaimed expert, global consultant, and author, takes your questions about eating gluten or allergy-free at restaurants at home and abroad. Have questions about ordering or navigating a menu at an Italian, Mexican, or Thai restaurant? Or eating any ethnic cuisine? What about just eating a burger and fries, or eating safely with food allergies? Or traveling gluten-free? Please join us for answers to your eating gluten and allergy-free questions.

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Learn more about Kim Koeller's book, Let's Eat Out Around the World Gluten Free and Allergy Free: Eat Safely in Any Restaurant at Home or Abroad.

About Kim Koeller:
Kim Koeller is an internationally acclaimed speaker, global consultant, author, and creator of the award-winning Let's Eat Out! series of books, ebooks, and mobile apps. After years of misdiagnosis, Koeller personally manages celiac disease and multiple food allergies and has been 100% gluten and allergy free for 10-plus years. As the founder of GlutenFree Passport, she consults with businesses and individuals about food management, special diet wellness, and customer innovation. She has traveled over 2 million miles, lived on 4 continents delivering transformational client solutions, and holds a Master's in International Management. Her expert advice has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, USA Today, Hotels Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and numerous other publications worldwide.

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