Glossary of Key Terms

Additional Copies (for personal use and re-sale): Please direct all requests to purchase additional copies to Reina Santana

Reina Santana, MBA (Mrs.) 
Director of Special Sales and Rights 
Demos Medical Publishing/ Demos Health 
11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor 
New York, New York 10036 
Direct Line: 212-845-9976 
Toll Free: 800-532-8663 Ext: 258 
Home Office Fax: 863-223-1550 
Office Fax: 212-941-7842

Advance: see Payments

Advertising: A preliminary advertising plan is created when the book is catalogued and finalized close to its publication date. Your Editor and Publicity and Marketing Director will share these plans with you as they are available. Your book will not be advertised until it is in stores and available for sale.

Amazon Author Page/Amazon Author CentralAmazon is one of our major retailers and it’s important that you have a strong presence on their website. A good and easy way to do this is to create an Author Page through Amazon Author Central. Your Author Page provides an excellent place for customers to learn about you and allows you to share a variety of content including your biography, photos, and even feeds to blog posts. Please create a robust page and keep it updated.

Author Questionnaire (AQ): You will receive a copy of the Author Questionnaire from your Editor when you return the signed contract. It is very important that you fill out the AQ as completely as possible and return it to your Editor in a timely fashion. The AQ is used by the editorial, publicity, marketing, sales, and rights team to create the publishing plan for your book.

Awards: Demos Health submits a selection of titles to the Foreword Book of the Year Awards, Independent Book Publishers Association Book of the Year Awards, and American Academy of Nursing Book of the Year Awards. If you feel your book should be submitted for an additional award, please contact your Editor.

Blurbers (Advance Praise): Blurbers are successful authors or experts willing to read the bound galleys and potentially offer early praise for the book that can be used on the cover and in publicity and marketing. The best blurbers are ones that will resonate with the target audience, media, and booksellers and have their own network that will help promote the book. In your AQ, include a list of people you would like to blurb your book. Strategize with your Editor about how best to reach people you may not know personally.

Book Parties: While book parties can be a wonderful way to celebrate your accomplishments and the book, we don't believe that book parties and launch events are necessarily an effective book-selling tactic. Demos Health is happy to help arrange book signings at bookstores, where the store has a proven record of strong publicity support and high attendance and to support any other events you arrange with promotional material and local publicity outreach. We can also help to arrange for books to be available for sale, if necessary. (See Events)

Conferences and Annual Meetings: Demos Health attends major academic and professional medical meetings in the United States and abroad as appropriate, coordinates the displays and sales procedures of these meetings, and also arranges for our books to be exhibited and sold at meetings that we as a Press cannot attend. If you feel your book should be featured at a particular conference or meeting or you plan to attend, please include this information in your AQ and inform your Editor.

Corrections to Amazon, B& and other on-line retailers: Please submit any corrections to your author bio, book description, etc. to Your Editor. It will take 2-3 weeks for corrections to appear.

Direct Marketing:

    • Email: Demos Health maintains an email newsletter subscriber list and throughout the marketing and publicity campaign we will send emails to pertinent subscribers about your book.
    • Facebook: Demos Health maintains an active Facebook page which we will use throughout the campaign to promote you and your book. We use Facebook to promote the work of our authors, either by showcasing their blog posts, reviews and interviews, 'liking' pages they have developed, or featuring videos they have created for YouTube. We also post links to external reviews and articles of interest to our community.

Ebooks: All new books for which we have the rights to publish electronically will be available in ebook format at the same time they become available in print. Demos Health sells e-books through commercial vendors such as B&N (Nook), Amazon (Kindle) and Google ebooks. Although we do not sell our titles through the Apple ibooks store, your book can be read on any Apple device through Apps like the Nook or Kindle App.

Events: For events scheduled prior to the publication date, we can provide you with promotional materials, like flyers, to encourage pre-orders and generate buzz. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the creation of promotional materials.

    • Bookstore: Demos Health will inform you if a bookstore requests you for an event. We would be happy to help arrange for bookstore visits in your hometown and support any bookstore efforts on your part. If you should choose to arrange an event we ask that you let us know about it so we can ensure that the store has the appropriate number of books available.
    • Local Library: Your local library is a great potential venue for an event. Reach out to your local librarian and find out what might be possible. Please inform your Editor or Publicity and Marketing Director if you set-up an event or if we can help facilitate with their event coordinator.
    • Other: Non-bookstore events like workshops, lectures or other public speaking opportunities are excellent ways to promote your book and we encourage you to schedule as many of these as possible. It is ideal to schedule events after the book’s publication date so that books will be available for sale at the event (or available as part of the ticket price to the event, for example). Please inform your Editor or Publicity and Marketing Director as soon as you schedule an event so that we can work with the event coordinator.

Galleys: Galleys are created from the reviewed copyedited manuscript and are the first set of designed, typeset pages of your book, sometimes called the first pass pages. They are available approximately 3 months after a manuscript is transmitted to production. You will receive a loose set of these pages (and a pdf file) to review and return with any further corrections or edits. Demos Health will bind these pages and send them to media and potential blurbers.

Grants: see Payments

HARO (Help a Reporter Out): A service offering both free and paid subscriptions to link reporters to expert sources. From The New York Times, to ABC News, to and everyone in between, nearly 30,000 members of the media have quoted HARO sources in their stories.

Outside publicist: It is understandable that you want to get the maximum amount of publicity coverage for your book. The decision to hire your own publicist is yours to make. If you feel additional support is needed, we ask that you allow us to work with your outside publicist so that we can be most effective.


    • Advances: Authors can expect payment of their within 30 days of receiving a countersigned copy of the contract, and within 30 days of acceptance of a final manuscript.
    • Royalties are paid annually, within 30 days of the end of the first quarter of the year (generally in April)
    • Grants, if applicable, are paid within 30 days of acceptance of receipts

Pre-Order Campaign: Your book is available for pre-order as soon as it is catalogued and the online retailers create a book page for it. A pre-order campaign is intended to incentivize people to pre-order the book by offering them access to unique content, products or services, insuring strong early sales and raising awareness for the book at the retailers. Discuss your ideas for a pre-order campaign with your Editor.

Royalties: see Payments

Sales Figures: We understand that you have put a great amount of effort into your book and are naturally curious about sales. You are welcome to check back with your Editor from time to time to get an update on sales.

Search and Discover: Along with traditional tools such as the Library of Congress CIP program, Demos Health participates in online search and discover programs such as Google Book Search and Amazon’s Search-inside-the-Book, to name just a few, in order to make it easy and efficient for scholars and interested readers to locate your book.

Special Sales: A special sale is any sale to a non-bookstore account, including pharmaceutical companies and foundations. If you have any ideas or information for a potential special sale, please include it in your AQ and inform your Editor.

Trade Shows: Demos Health attends major trade shows including the Frankfurt Book Fair and the London Book Fair.

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