Growing Up with Epilepsy

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Growing Up with Epilepsy

A Practical Guide for Parents



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This book provides the tools you need to raise a child with epilepsy, to support his/her social development, provide effective discipline, and negotiate the educational system.

Each stage in your child's life presents unique issues and problems, ranging from finding day care to school programming to driving. This book is organized so that you can go to the information that you need when you need it, returning for updates as your child grows and new issues emerge.

In her 20 years of working with children with epilepsy, Dr. Blackburn has been continually impressed by the fact that no two children with epilepsy are the same. Each child and each family has unique needs. Because of this, she works with a team. The unique talents of each team member let the group meet the unique needs of each patient. This book will help you build the resource team for your child. In addition to providing you with basic tools, the book identifies resources, places you can contact, additional materials you can read, and the kinds of professionals that may be in your community to help you and your child.

Every parent is busy, and parents of children with epilepsy may be evenbusier than most. This book has been organized with the busy parent in mind. The first four chapters are a "must read" for every parent. Theyprovide the basic tools for understanding epilepsy, behavior management and school programming. The final chapter summarizes parenting of a child with epilepsy, providing an easy to remember checklist.

Issues for parenting a toddler with epilepsy are far different than issuesfor parenting an adolescent. You can go to the information that you need,when you need it, returning to the book for an update as your child grows and new issues emerge. You can select the section that is important to you in understanding your child, reading the other chapters when you have time and/or want to know more about the brain in general.

Childhood epilepsy may provide speed-bumps in the road to adulthood, but it does not have to be a barricade. For 20 years, Dr. Blackburn has helped parents negotiate the speed bumps, creating an owner's manual for their child. Now, she helps you make this journey."

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  • Publication Date June 01, 2003
  • Page Count 161
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9781888799743

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Table of Contents

The Basic Tools
Understanding Epilepsy
The Challenges of Living with Epilepsy
Dealing with the Demon at the Dinner Table
Epilepsy Goes to School
Effects of Focal Epilepsy: A Guide to Brain Organization
The Frontal Lobes
The Temporal Lobes
The Occipital and Parietal Lobes
Changing Challenges
Changing Age
Epilepsy During the First Two Years
Epilepsy in the Preschool Years
Epilepsy in the Elementary School Years
Epilepsy in the Adolescent Years
Some Final Words for Parents
Appendix A: Model Individual Education Plan for Children with Epilepsy
Appendix B: Driving and Epilepsy