Learn to Live Through Cancer

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Learn to Live Through Cancer

What You Need to Know and Do

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A roadmap to help you recover better and faster following a cancer diagnosis√õfrom the moment of diagnosis through remission and life after cancer. For more than 25 years, Dr. Fleishman has helped thousands of patients and families navigate the hopes, fears, and realities of cancer. In Learn to Live through Cancer, he provides a supportive and empowering guide so that you and your family know what to expect and how to proceed at every stage of your journey with cancer.

Using the tools and suggestions of his step-by-step system, youÌll learn how to:

  • Evaluate your condition
  • Improve communication with your health care providers
  • Participate in care decisions more easily
  • Research your illness and treatment options
  • Assess complementary therapy options
  • improve overall health habits
  • Tend to your emotional well-being
  • Adjust to the physical and emotional changes posttreatment

Packed with practical tools and evidence-based advice, Learn to Live through Cancer is an essential companion for every cancer survivor and his or her loved ones.

Product Details

  • Publication Date June 20, 2011
  • Page Count 362
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9781936303083

About The Author(s)

Dr. Stewart Fleishman MD

Stewart Fleishman, MD, is the former Director of Cancer Supportive Services at the Continuum Cancer Centers of New York and the Associate Chief Medical Officer of Continuum Hospice Care-Jacob Perlow Hospice. He was actively involved in research focused on quality of life and symptom control in people with cancer, and serves on national committees dedicated to this work. Originally specializing in psychiatry, Dr. Fleishman's practice was focused on pain management, symptom control and palliative care. He is Board Certified in both Hospice and Palliative Medicine and Psychiatry/Neurology.

Table of Contents

"Part I: Why This Book?
1. Survivorship Begins at the Time of Diagnosis
2. Setting My Goals
3. Getting the Most Out of This Book
Part II: I Have Cancer, Now What?
4. Understanding Cancer
5. Building Blocks of Cancer Treatment
6. Initial Consultation
7. Beginning Treatment
8. Understanding What Is Happening to Me
9. Disclosure: Who Do I Tell and When?
10. Why Is My Team So Uncomplimentary about Complementary Care?
Part III: Make Your Plan and LEARN It
11. Basics of the LEARN Plan
12. Living
13. Education
14. Activity
15. Rest
16. Nutrition
Part IV: Just Finishing Treatment
17. Just Finishing Treatment and Feeling Lousy
18. New Challenges
19. Medical Problems I Had Before Now Got More Complicated
20. Hormones
21. I'm Not Spiritual÷Am I in Trouble?
22. Finding My Way Back
Part V: The First Three Months After Treatment
23. Living Beyond Cancer: The First Three Months
24. How People Treat Me
25. Who Do I Call?
26. Back into The World
Part VI: Three to Six Months After Treatment
27. Living Beyond Cancer: Three to Six Months
28. Fertility
29. Giving Back
Part VII: Six Months and Beyond
30. Living Cancer-Free
31. Living With Recurrence or Relapse"

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