Book Proposal Guidelines

When submitting a book proposal to Demos Health, consider including the below elements. The more information you are able to provide to help us fully understand your project, the better. 

Statement of Scope and Intent 

    • Please supply a one-page overview of the project including its scope, goals, and intended audience. What is the purpose of the book? What questions will it answer? 

Primary Market and Competition 

    • Who is the market for your project? How big is this market? 
    • What other books are currently available on this subject? Please be specific. Include title, author, publisher, format, ISBN, length and price. is an excellent resource for this information.
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor? What is the competitive advantage of your project? What makes your book special or different? 

Marketing Plan 

    • Describe your platform. How will you help spread the word about your book? Have you or your work been featured in the media? Do you have a website, blog, or active social media? Are you a frequent public speaker? Do you have any connection to organizations, associations, or businesses that may be helpful in promoting the book? 

Book Specifications & Schedule 

    • What is the projected length of your project? Please supply that information in manuscript pages, final book pages, or word count. 
    • Does your book include artwork (photos, illustrations, etc.), charts, or tables? If so, approximately how many and will you be able to supply them? 
    • When could you deliver a complete manuscript? 

Writing Sample 

    • Please include a writing sample from the proposed book, like the introduction or a chapter, or another sample of your writing aimed at a trade audience. Professional journal articles should be included as a writing sample only if there are no other writing samples available.  

Table of Contents or Outline 

Author Bio and CV


Download the Book Proposal Guidelines (PDF)

Submit your proposal as a Word or PDF document by email to Julia Pastore, Executive Editor, at