Yes, You Can Get Pregnant

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Yes, You Can Get Pregnant

Natural Ways to Improve Your Fertility Now and into Your 40s


Aimee Raupp

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The complete guide to getting pregnant and improving fertility naturally Û even if youÌve been told your chances of conception are low

Worried about your ability to have children in the next five years? Have you been trying to get pregnant for a while now and itÌs just not happening? Does it seem like every woman you know is having a hard time getting pregnant and you donÌt want that to be you when youÌre ready? Do you want natural, non-invasive options to conceive?

If you answered ÏyesÓ to any one of these questions, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant is for you. A nationally renowned womenÌs health and fertility expert, Aimee Raupp has helped hundreds of women optimize their fertility and get pregnant, even after age 40. Here, she provides her complete program for improving your chances of conceiving and overcoming infertility, including the most effective complementary and lifestyle approaches and the latest nutritional advice. Her remedies help you how to get in tune with your body, eat the best fertility-enhancing foods, and avoid environmental toxins to achieve a healthy and stress-free pregnancy.

In a friendly, understanding, and inspirational manner, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant provides hope, scientifically-backed knowledge, and emotional support to help you become the mother you want to be.


Product Details

  • Publication Date May 22, 2014
  • Page Count 248
  • Product Form Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 13 9781936303694

Editorial Review(s)

“In Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, Raupp helps women to remove toxic influences from their lives and become physically and mentally prepared to bring a new life into this world. Her holistic approach to fertility improvement is practical and enlightening.” —Deepak Chopra, MD

“Aimee has helped countless women navigate the emotional terrain of fertility, helping them stay healthy and preserve their fertility so no woman is denied motherhood. She gives women back the power so that they can change their health and improve their fertility.” —Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls Who Code and author of Women Who Don't Wait In Line

“Having struggled several times to get and then stay pregnant, I know first-hand that Yes, You Can Get Pregnant has the essential components that will support a women’s journey to fertility and eventual motherhood. Feed your mind, body, emotions and plan with awareness and healthy choices and you will enhance your fertile self.” —Beth Aldrich, author of Real Moms Love to Eat

“Every woman in their 20s to 40s who wants to conceive needs this book to cultivate optimal diet and lifestyle habits. From the foods, feelings, thoughts we consume, Raupp is brilliant at breaking down practical steps that are realistic for modern women juggling it all to changing the world. Say ‘yes, I will get pregnant’ after reading this book.” —Claudia Chan, Founder, S.H.E. Summit and

“At the age of 39, and after having suffered a miscarriage, Aimee's advice and guidance not only helped me to get pregnant but inspired me to lead a more natural and ‘clean’ lifestyle. I am now the proud mother of a beautiful daughter and expecting another baby girl. I can't thank Aimee enough for all her help!” —MJC

“My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for three years now, without success. I was ambiguously diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility.’...Aimee talked to me about a host of issues, made sense out of my case, and put me at ease with her knowledge and experience in the field of fertility...It worked! I am now 15 weeks pregnant.” —NS

“After trying to get pregnant for a little over a year and feeling completely hopeless and helpless, I was lucky enough to find Aimee...Three months after meeting Aimee I was pregnant and on cloud 9!” —NK

About The Author(s)

Aimee Raupp

Aimee Raupp is a nationally renowned women’s health and fertility expert and the author of Chill Out and Get Healthy. Raupp earned a Master's of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California, and a Bachelor's degree in biology from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She holds a license in acupuncture and Chinese herbology in the state of New York and is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Raupp is currently in private practice in Manhattan, the Hamptons and Nyack, NY, and is the creator of the Aimee Raupp Beauty line of hand-made, fertility-friendly products.

She has appeared on ABC Television's The View, Yahoo! Shine, Martha Stewart Radio, FOX Television’s Good Day New York, and in national magazines Glamour, Woman's Day, Self, Shape, Natural Health and Better Nutrition. She has served as spokesperson for such brands and companies as Culturelle, Whole Foods, lululemon athletica, and the American Leisure Spa Group. Aimee is the women’s health columnist for Acupuncture Today, a monthly contributor to, and an active blogger.

Table of Contents

"Preface: Why This Book is For You
; Introduction
; Part One: You Have the Power
; Chapter One: My Least Favorite Word: Shifting From Being Infertility Focused To Fertility Focused
; Chapter Two: Your Fertile Body: Understanding How It Works
; Chapter Three: How You Live Your Life Directly Affects Your Ability to Get Pregnant
; Part Two: The Fertility Rejuvenation Plan
; Chapter Four: Becoming One with Nature: Regaining Your Bodyís Balance
; Chapter Five: Eating for Optimal Nutrition and Egg Quality: The Yes, You Can Get Pregnant Diet
; Chapter Six: Steering Clear of Environmental Toxins
; Chapter Seven: Preparing Yourself Mentally and Emotionally
; Chapter Eight: Pulling It Together: A 7-Day Step-by-Step Fertility Rejuvenation Plan
; Part Three: More Fertility Enhancing Tips and Ways to Overcome Common Fertility Challenges
; Chapter Nine: Additional Treatments to Enhance Fertility
; Chapter Ten: Overcoming Common Fertility Challenges
; Chapter Eleven: Getting Inside the Head of Your Doctor: Top Reproductive Endocrinologists Speak
; Afterword: You Are Where Youíre Supposed to Be
; Resources
; Aimee Approved Products
; Recipes
; "

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