For some, a balanced diet isn’t the tricky part of the winter months, it’s battling the need to work out and the inability to do so. Sometimes the weather will prevent you from being able to work out actively, being locked away indoors during those winter storms can leave you feeling lost or even run down from the inactivity. Instead of trying to force yourself to hit the gym every day try supplementing some of your intensive workouts for easy to do yoga.

Yoga is a great chance to not only work on your flexibility, but to also work on mediation and relaxing yourself. The holidays can be a stressful time and yoga will give you a chance to decompress and focus on yourself—and not how hard you can work out in a gym before trying to beat that oncoming winter storm. Give these six yoga poses a try at home:

  • Mountain Pose with Arms overhead: Good warm-up posture, with the upward motion through limbs and your torso, it is supposed to help invigorate your system and lift your spirit.
  • Downward-facing Dog: This pose will help you stretch and elongate your back and open up your chest to allow for slow deep breathing, helping alleviate stress.
  • Child's pose: This stretch is centered on helping flex and open up your hips and back while allowing you to relax.
  • Cobra Pose: This pose is good for mood and energy boosts on your down days.
  • Warrior I Pose: This pose is meant to help strengthen your core and legs while helping you relax and ease your anxieties.
  • Bridge Pose: Focused on bettering the flexibility in your spine this pose is good for lifting anxieties and battling fatigue.

These work outs are not intended to replace your cardio or gym heavy training, but to give you an alternative method to staying active while also staying focused on your mental health and well-being.