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Posted on December 5, 2013 by Lucinda Porter | 0 comments
Winter is upon us, along with the holiday frenzy. Chronic illnesses, such as Hepatitis C, do not observe the calendar, but when winter sets in, our bodies want to slow down and rest, illness or no illness. Unfortunately, December tends to be busy. When we submit to holiday stress, we ignore our basic needs, a choice which doesn’t help our health. Coping with the holidays boils down to stress reduction. Here are some strategies to try: Prioritize – Ask...
Posted on November 13, 2013 by Lucinda Porter | 0 comments
Perhaps the metaphor that life is a journey is overused, but it best describes my experience of living with hepatitis C. My journey took me from illness to nursing school, to working with hepatitis patients, and to writing two books. In 1988, I was infected with hepatitis C as a result of a blood transfusion. The blood saved my life, and hepatitis C changed my life. Living with a potentially life threatening virus was an invitation to live better, and to make healthier choices, an invitation...