Finding Help for Your Hot Flashes

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    If you start taking note of your hot flashes, you may recognize some events, emotions, or activities that actually seem to contribute to, or “trigger,” the onset of a hot flash. Scientifically speaking, while the physiology of hot flashes is associated with a decrease in estrogen level or an increase in gonadotropin concentrations, the actual physiological mechanism of hot flashes is not known. While they may sometimes seem to occur spontaneously with no prior warning, it has also been reported...Read More
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    Hypnotic relaxation therapy is a very effective way to reduce the hot flashes that result from menopause and/or breast cancer treatment. The process of hypnotic relaxation induction follows the simple steps listed below. These steps can be achieved in different ways, but by having an idea of this process you will have an easier time of learning how to make it work best for you. When you practice hypnotic relaxation you should be sitting in a comfortable chair with good support for your head, neck,...Read More
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    When it comes to hypnotic relaxation therapy for hot flashes from menopause or breast cancer treatment, you may be optimistic or skeptical or somewhere in between. If you are skeptical, then I would say that is understandable. This is a new and innovative program and you are among the first to learn it. But by keeping an open mind, you will be able to “get into” the program and achieve your goals. Two of my patients, Mary and Sally, shared their experiences with hypnotic relaxation therapy for...Read More

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