1) Change something every day. It’s so easy to get comfortable in your routine and stick with the same things that you know and love. I’ve definitely been guilty of this one in the past- I’ll get crazy excited about something new and then only do that for a while, see results from it which eventually plateau (the body is a smart machine and gets used to its demands), and then onto the next thing. The best fitness plans are ones that include strength, cardio, flexibility and modes that you enjoy. [For more help with this, check out this post on rut-busting]

2) Rest. Contrary to what would be expected, change happens when the body can rest, recover and repair. If you continue to break it down, you’re not only more susceptible to injury, you won’t be able to see the results you’re looking for. Include at least one day of active rest each week.

me and bell2

(Walking Bell = my favorite active rest)

3) Consider intensity. Vary intensities every day- there’s no need to go balls to the wall with every single workout. You’ll actually see diminishing returns from pushing too hard every day, and like I’ve said before, your heart is a very important muscle- it needs rest, too. Even if you’re working out moderately every day, try pushing yourself a little harder at the end of your workout to see how it feels. Don’t let yourself do the same cardio or weights set that you did yesterday.

dance trance2

4) Strength train! Don’t be afraid of pumping iron. One thing I often see is when people are trying to lose weight or body fat, they try to focus solely on cardio and neglect strength training. Lifting weights will promote lean muscle growth and the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn, even at rest. If you need help setting up a weight training plan, check out this post on Weight Training 101.

5) Have fun with it. Remember to keep your workouts new, exciting and something you enjoy. If you put too much pressure on yourself or set up a crazy fitness plan, it will just end up leading to dread and burnout. Workout with a friend, take some new classes, and take it easy on yourself <3