Yes, You Can Get Pregnant is the culmination of my ten years of clinical experience in helping women get pregnant. In my clinics, I not only use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to restore the presence of optimal health in a client, I employ the foundational principles of the medicine I practice: Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM). TOM — a five thousand year old practice — states that the way we live our lives-nutritionally, emotionally and physically-has a direct effect on our health and ultimately our fertility. Interestingly, over the last decade the western medical branch of science called epigenetics has discovered the same thing: the way we live our lives-nutritionally, emotionally and physically has a direct effect on our health. Yes, You Can Get Pregnant encompasses both eastern and western medicine principles and offers its readers a thorough, holistic and empowering fertility rejuvenation protocol. Through the information in this book, I hope to bring women back to a place of believing in their ability to shift their health and get pregnant. In fact, the reigning mantra in Yes, You Can Get Pregnant is:


I have worked with scores of women who were dealing with fertility challenges and by sharing with them my fertility rejuvenation protocol, I’ve helped scores of women become mothers.

My fertility rejuvenation plan encompasses your emotional, nutritional and physical health, covering the following important topics in detail:

  • Understanding the nature of your body and how its reproductive system works
  • Eating for optimal nutrition and egg quality
  • Steering clear of hormonally disruptive environmental toxins
  • And, why joy and peace are imperative to your fertility

The first question I ask each one of my fertility patients is: Do you believe that you are going to get pregnant? A primary goal of this book is to get you back to the place of believing in your body and its ability to get pregnant. The truth is getting pregnant will be very difficult if you doubt your body’s ability to conceive.

I believe that my fertility rejuvenation plan will help any women at any reproductive age achieve a state of optimal health and fertility. Yes, You Can Get Pregnant will give you the tools to enhance your fertility so you can get pregnant when you want to.