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    When it comes to enhancing your fertility, our goal is to get your health in optimal condition so that your fertility will be primed and ready to go when you are. A big piece to that is getting you back in touch with your body, its natural rhythms, and nature. Here are the ten things you need to start doing now to become one with nature and increase your fertility: Sleep 7-8 hours each night. Science shows that sleep affects your fertility hormones like FSH, LH, estrogen and progesterone. If you...Read More
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    It is frustrating, disheartening, and devastating to be told you have fertility problems or are "infertile" (my least favorite word, which the World Health Organization and Mayo Clinic define as not conceiving a child within a year of well-timed sex, or as having multiple miscarriages). That anger, fear and sorrow makes sense, it does. But these emotions, when experienced on a regular basis, are seriously having a negative effect on your health and are impeding your chances of becoming pregnant. Below...Read More
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    When you’re trying to get pregnant, all of the household and personal care products you use must be free of toxic chemicals as these products could be the cause of your fertility challenges. And, even if they’re not the cause—they are not helping your situation. In order to truly rejuvenate your fertility, here are some ingredients that you hands down, no joke, must avoid: Bisphenol-A (BPA) What it's used for: This chemical is produced in large quantities for use primarily in the production...Read More

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Aimee Raupp is a nationally renowned women’s health and fertility expert and the author of Chill Out and Get Healthy. Raupp earned a Master's of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California, and a Bachelor's degree in biology from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She holds a license in acupuncture and Chinese herbology in the state of New York and is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture...

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