For patients who have recently torn their ACL, the answer is “yes” if you plan to return to aggressive cutting and pivoting sports, such as soccer, basketball, or lacrosse. If you don’t, but you are under twenty years of age, it is my opinion that people this age are active for so many years that they are very likely to develop instability, and you will probably be more satisfied following an ACL reconstruction. The same applies to people in their early twenties.

As we get older, activity level tends to decrease. However, everyone is different, and there are some twenty-eight year olds who are completely sedentary and some fifty-eight year olds who are avid, competitive soccer players. For recent injuries, decision making is based largely on future activity level. If you have injured your knee and torn the ACL in the past and now can’t trust the knee due to recurrent instability, surgery is a great option to eliminate the problem.