Soccer Injuries: Prevention and Treatment

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    The soccer athlete runs an average of six to seven miles in any given match. In order to handle that much running, the aerobic fitness of soccer players needs to be at peak levels. Aerobic training should be done at around 60 to 75% of maximum heart rate. Athletes should be in the gym or weight room two to three times per week in season and three to four times per week out of season. In-season training is necessary to maintain strength levels throughout the course of a rigorous season, without over-taxing...Read More
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    As many coaches, parents and players already know from personal experience, the ankle sprain makes up approximately 15% of the total injuries suffered by soccer athletes at all levels. However, there are varying degrees of ankle sprains. So, how do you identify an ankle sprain, and how do we treat and prevent it? The Three Degrees of Sprains First Degree Sprain: Minor tearing of the tissue. This is the most common kind of sprained ankle, with a fairly short recovery period. Signs and symptoms: mild...Read More
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    Hamstring strains are a very common soccer injury and cause a tremendous amount of games lost to injury at all levels. The hamstring is so utilized during soccer activities like running and kicking that the amount of injuries seen in this muscle is not surprising. Muscle strains occur when the muscle is stretched beyond its normal limit. This can be the result of doing too much too soon, inadequately warming-up or overworking the muscle, or simply a chance occurrence. Hamstring strains are usually...Read More
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    It is the general consensus that anyone competing in athletics or who will continue to be physically active throughout their lives needs to have surgery following an ACL injury. Usually, the athlete will be back in rehab with a physical therapist within one to 10 days of their surgery. Although it may seem like a long road ahead for the athlete, the process can be broken down into stages so as not to overwhelm the athlete with timelines. In the early stages, I tell my athletes to look at their rehab...Read More

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