Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that affects over 2 million Americans and over 65 million people worldwide. The primary symptom of epilepsy is seizures, which can include full-body convulsions, muscle jerks, and lapses of behavior. Epilepsy is characterized by abnormal electrical impulses in the brain.

The first written record of Epilepsy dates back to 1067BC in Ancient Babylonia. Epilepsy was then viewed as a supernatural disorder caused by demonic spirits. Fast forward 3000 years and scientists still do not a have a firm understanding of what actually causes epilepsy in most people. Factors such as complications during birth, lead poisoning, and head injuries can increase one’s chances of getting epilepsy.

Advancements in medicine have helped some epileptics control their seizures and lead a normal life, but the Epilepsy Foundation estimates that one-third of people diagnosed with epilepsy still have uncontrollable seizures because no available treatment works for them. Epileptics often also have to deal with the stigma of having seizures that can come on at any moment.

Epilepsy is a complex disease, but hopefully through advancements in treatment and alternative therapies, we can find a cure for epilepsy.

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Growing up with epilepsy