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    A good friend of mine told me, long before we ever had kids, "I'm not letting my kids have boyfriends or girlfriends until high school at the earliest!" That made total sense to me at the time. Like so many things I thought I could control, I have learned an important lesson here. We can guide our kids' behavior, but not their emotions. Preschoolers, and sometimes even toddlers, begin by playing House, or Family. So cute! And so completely normal. My son came home from his four-year-old preschool...Read More
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    Kids can do a lot to help with house and family work. Don't believe me, or think your child is too young? Here's a story to explain my perspective. One day I was (figuratively) smacked upside the head by one of my 5-year-old patients. He, his mom, and I were talking at his well-child checkup. This boy was growing well, a little short for his age and a little skinny but well within the range of normal. This boy's parents managed a small farm, and he told me he enjoyed riding the horse "every day,...Read More
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    Of all the things our kids do that frustrate us as parents, lying is – in my opinion – a crucial challenge to address. Lying makes us feel hurt, betrayed, angry, sometimes helpless. One of the most common parenting advice questions I get is, “How can I get my child to stop lying?!” Lies are a normal part of childhood. Like hitting, tantrums, attitude, and bullying, these are something almost every child tries. Our job is to convince them that the behavior is not worth the cost.   Tip...Read More

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