A Personal Struggle with Diabulimia

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    My mom is a brilliant woman. She taught me so many wonderful things on purpose. I will always be grateful for the impact these things have had in shaping me. But some of the most powerful lessons came from the things she didn’t intend to teach, the ones I learned by example. Mom sought approval from others often—especially my dad. And I watched. I watched her light up when she received it, and I watched destitution overcome her when she didn’t. I watched self-worth empty out of her like water...Read More
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    I’d love to be able to tell you that I totally beat diabulimia and never give any thought whatsoever to body weight, calories, or fat grams anymore, but I’d be lying. Truth is, those disapproving little Number Police still show up now and then, and when they do, they use every trick in the book to get inside my head. They seem to have a sixth sense for knowing which door is easiest to break down, and a sixth sense for choosing the worst possible time to hang out on the other side of it—like...Read More
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    The following is a journal selection from July 29, 1997. No further introduction is needed. Enemy #1—ice cream! Today’s trigger—a quart of mocha fudge almond, leftover from the kids’ birthday party. I had forgotten it was still there, and it caught me off guard. But once that vision of forbidden decadence insisted itself upon me I couldn’t push it out of my head. I had grown paralyzed with desire. The truth, Maryjeanne. The truth! Look at yourself . . . really look! You look at others and...Read More

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Maryjeanne Hunt

Maryjeanne Hunt was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1971. As a teenager she developed diabulimia and battled her eating disorder for 22 years. Now fully healed, she has been free of her eating disorder since 1997. Maryjeanne has held a position as wellness columnist for CNC Newspapers, published nationally since August 2009. She has been a licensed personal fitness and certified weight management coach since 1987, where she counsels others on wellness, diet, and body image. Her story has been featured...

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