Caregivers' Challenges with Lewy Body Dementia

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    These techniques will help you when your loved one begins to have Lewy body dementia (LBD)-related symptoms and exhibit acting-out behaviors. Talk. Discuss the disease and your loved one’s wants and needs early on. Join together. Face the disease with your loved one. Accept his reality. Take part in your loved one’s reality enough for redirection. Do not take your loved one’s behavior personally. “It’s the disease talking, not my loved one...” Respond to the feelings. When you...Read More
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    Almost all people with Lewy body dementia (LBD) will have had some kind of sleep disorder before they develop dementia symptoms. And, of course, the sleep issues continue after dementia shows up. The two most prominent sleep-related problems appear to be at odds with each other: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder (RBD) disturbs sleep and excessive daytime sleeping (EDS) causes too much sleep. However, both are easily within the realm of elements common to LBD: vivid-but-not-real experiences...Read More
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    When an activity such as driving becomes unsafe for a loved one with Lewy body dementia (LDB), the activity must be stopped. However, this can be difficult for the whole family. Ideally, you should begin discussing the possible necessity early in the disease so that it does not come as a shock later. When the time comes, include your loved ones in the decision or help them to make the final decision. The following steps can help a loved one give up a loved but now dangerous skill: Start the process...Read More

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Helen Buell Whitworth

Helen Buell Whitworth is a retired nurse, an educator and a writer. She served the Lewy Body Dementia Association in a number of positions including Volunteer Coordinator and was named the 2007 LBDA Volunteer of the Year. Today Helen and her husband Jim operate The Whitworths of Arizona and sell Lewy Body Dementia Training Kits to long-term care and memory care facilities.

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