Children and Autism

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    If you have a child with autism, you may have heard the term ABA, which stands for applied behavior analysis, in connection with a treatment that is used with children with autism. Many people are confused by this term along with other similar terms, including early intensive behavioral treatment (EIBT). Is EIBT different from ABA? The answer is EIBT is a comprehensive approach that incorporates the principles of ABA. Applied behavior analysis can best be described as the application of a...Read More
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    How does a parent or teacher get a child with autism motivated to engage in a task? Their interest in social interactions with people is minimal, and their interest in learning new skills is often not adequate. In the 1980s, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practitioners identified that these children’s ritualistic behavior could be used to one’s advantage to teach them. In the early 1980s, I had a child who I was teaching at home. As it was with many of the children I was serving via in-home...Read More
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    One of the most disconcerting problems that require behavioral treatment attention is a child who engages in severe destructive behavior. Some children with autism engage in destructive behavior that is perpetrated on themselves, called self-injurious behavior. When observing such behavior, it can seem unexplainable as to why they engage in such self-injury. These children will slap themselves in the face; hit themselves on the thigh, stomach, or other body parts with great force; bite themselves...Read More

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Ennio Cipani, PhD, is a full professor at National University in Fresno, California. He is licensed psychologist in California and works with teachers and families providing behavioral consultations for children with disabilities. He has written numerous books, book chapters, and articles on behavioral management and also has extensive experience providing behavioral in-home services to families with children with developmental disabilities.

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