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    When trying to decide what type of dog you should get to help you or a family member recover from an illness, there are several things to consider: Size Size of the dog is important. People often think about a small dog for the older, frail person, but a small dog can easily trip an older person, especially if they have impaired vision. And for people adjusting to new blindness, a service dog is often a better choice compared with a pet dog. Age The dog’s age is an important consideration. Puppies...Read More
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    If you and your dog have a few hours a week to volunteer, you may consider making your dog a therapy dog for people who are chronically ill or temporarily sick. Just because your dog is happy greeting people at home, does not mean he’ll be a good therapy dog. He’ll need to be tested and trained. Check each statement that correctly describes your dog. My dog: consistently follows commands for sit, down, stay, and come—even when there are distractions walks nicely at my side on a leash, especially...Read More
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    As dementia becomes more severe, people can become withdrawn from the world around them, retreating into a place closed off to their loved ones and caregivers. These patients may become lost to those around them—not interacting, not talking, not involved with what’s going on in the world outside of themselves. Seeing Mom or Dad drift away like this can be especially hard on those who love them the most. Doctors at the Research Institute on Aging investigated whether dogs could help bring patients...Read More

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We are saddened to report that Dawn A. Marcus, MD, died unexpectedly on October 19, 2013. It was a privilege to work with her and to publish her book. Her career was dedicated to helping people and through the many fine books and other writings she left behind, she continues to do so. Dr. Marcus was a neurologist and Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, working at the Pain Evaluation and Treatment Institute. Dr. Marcus was certified by the...

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