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    Like many cuisines in Asia, Indian culinary ingredients are directly related to the availability of products in each region. Since the country is so large, there is a cornucopia of food products used in the many schools of Indian cooking. Dairy products, legumes, spices and vegetables are regularly consumed at most Indian meals. Breads, crepes and pancakes made from chickpea, lentil, potato, rice and wheat flours are also a daily staple of their diet. Although gluten is present in some areas of Indian...Read More
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    The foods of Italy are perhaps the most common ethnic cuisine found around the world. Restaurants, regardless of location, generally offer dishes that represent a number of the regional specialties found in Italy. Although some staples of the Italian diet contain gluten, there are numerous gluten-free dishes available at restaurants. Traditional Ingredients The Italian diet is rich in carbohydrates and vegetables; yet surprisingly limited in its use of meats. Vegetables, bread, pasta, cheese and...Read More
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    Mexican cuisine is based on fresh, seasonal produce. Chefs love to create dishes full of color and texture and typically present their plates in a simple fashion. Common culinary practices vary from state to state within Mexico. As you encounter restaurants outside the borders of Mexico, both authentic and derivative styles of Mexican cuisine maintain similar ingredients, while potentially incorporating different methods of preparation. Although gluten is present in some areas of Mexican cuisine,...Read More

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