Egg Donation: A Guide For All Parents-to-Be

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    There are things that are already waiting in the wings as well as some technologies and processes further along the horizon that will not only increase the chances of first-time transfer success, but also help the babies born through assisted reproductive technology (ART) have an even greater chance of a healthy, disease-free life. Here are a few things already slated for the short term in the assisted reproductive field (within five years or less): Embryo Quality: Currently, when embryos are created...Read More
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    The very first thing to recognize is that there is only so much information you or your egg donor agency will be able obtain about your donor. However, there is also only so much that we can (and should) ask a donor. Partly because agencies don't want to be so invasive that our ability to attract donors to assist our intended parents becomes hindered but also based on practicality. We'll ask you to think of the friends you have in your life—the best of your best friends. How much do you know about...Read More
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    When you've reached a certain point, you'll need to select an egg donor agency to help you continue your journey. Although some reproductive clinics offer in-house egg donor matching services, the most common way recipient parents locate their donors is through a third-party agency. Whether in-house or third party, this will be your team that will handle the legwork involved in coordinating your donor and helping you travel with her throughout the process until the retrieval (when her eggs are harvested...Read More

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Wendie Wilson-Miller

Wendie Wilson-Miller, a ten-year veteran of the egg donation and assisted reproductive technology field, is the Founder and President of Gifted Journeys, an egg donor agency based in Studio City, California. Before founding Gifted Journeys, she served as the Cycle Director of The Egg Donor Program, the largest donor agency in the United States. During her eight-year tenure with The Egg Donor Program, Wendie forged relationships with many of the nation's leading reproductive endocrinologists and the...

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