Fighting Epilepsy with Fat: Diet Therapies

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    Sometimes bringing along a cooler for your child on a diet for epilepsy just isn’t convenient. If you are looking for foods and snacks that travel well to supplement restaurant meals, here are a few ideas. For those on Keto, just remember that if these foods aren’t already in a recipe, you’ll have to create a recipe to accommodate any food you decide to bring. Almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans, and walnuts Boiled eggs (eat as soon as possible the first day out) Hard cheeses like cheddar,...Read More
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    We usually think, “Do you want fries with that?” when we talk about fast food, and though the diet-friendly pickings may be slim, there are still acceptable options for warriors on the Modified Atkins Diet (MAD) for epilepsy at many fast food restaurants. Fast food isn’t generally keto friendly under any circumstance, though parents who desperately want to give their child a taste of normal will sometimes weigh out a small portion of a McDonald’s hamburger or chicken nuggets. The amount of...Read More
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    Before you initiate the ketogenic diet, it is essential to prepare your kitchen with the tools that will make life with diet therapy more organized and efficient. Below are a few solutions to organize your kitchen to make everyday meal prep as simple as possible. Create a Keto Corner No matter the size of your kitchen, you should quarantine at least a corner of the kitchen for supplies and meal preparation. For those of you who will do the Ketogenic diet, this is where you will store your gram scale,...Read More

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Erin Whitmer has an MFA in creative writing and has contributed to National Geographic Kids magazine. She lives outside of Richmond, Virginia, with her husband and two sons. Her son, Noah, was on the Ketogenic diet for two years and is now medication free, diet free, and seizure free.

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