Finding the Right Personal Aide

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    Training a personal aide takes time. Take it easy and go slow. It is best to try not to plan a full schedule while looking for and training new attendants. Remind yourself that finding an attendant isn’t an easy process to work through, so try to cut yourself a little slack, and allow more time to do what must be done. Here are some guidelines to follow when training your new caregiver: Be consistent. Concentrate on your duty list and develop an effective schedule. Early on, I used a giant calendar...Read More
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    When you have to let go of someone immediately, or when a regular attendant gets sick or cannot report for duty, having a person or two whom you can call upon in an emergency can keep your life rolling along. The best way to deal with this anxiety-producing situation is to prevent it. It is highly unlikely that your current staff can be there 24/7. Emergencies happen. Schedules can change because of doctor appointments, child day-care problems, illness, funerals, and other uneasy times in our lives. Finding...Read More
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    If you have a candidate in mind to be your personal aide and you have already conducted a phone interview, the next step is to have an in-person interview. There are four points to consider before your attendant applicant arrives: When. Do you want to conduct the interview during the day or at night? I prefer interviewing during daylight hours, but this is not always possible, so I’ve learned to be flexible. Some people have other day jobs and can only meet at night. Who. Keep the interview...Read More

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