Getting Back to Work after Illness

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    You are currently recovering from an illness but you are trying to get back to work, even if it's from bed. If you can’t remember how to do the simplest of things, you need help. If you can’t get around easily on your own, you still need help. If chemotherapy is making you sicker than a dog, you most definitely need help. So, what would stop you from asking for help? Following are the three of the most common reasons given by my clients, either directly or in the unspoken: misplaced identity,...Read More
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    Try to imagine this. What would your business life be like if you were to put the majority of your attention on just one or two important projects a day? Might it be easier to get more done? Would you feel more relaxed if you knew, with a high degree of confidence, that the projects you did not tackle today would be handled later in the week? Would your sense of well-being improve? If you are nodding your head, even tentatively, but have no idea how this is possible, I suggest creating a Master Planning...Read More
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    The conditions for your illness were not ignited in a vacuum. While you were pursuing your goals, your body was absorbing the impact of all manners of stress: emotional, psychic, mental, and environmental. When chronic stress becomes normal you stop perceiving it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Stress—environmental, psychological, or physical—may not have caused your illness, but you can be sure it either contributed to its eruption or aggravates your symptoms today. Adrenaline, one...Read More

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Joan Friedlander

Joan Friedlander founded Lifework Business Partners, a national coaching and training company, in 2000. Joan works with entrepreneurs in service businesses to develop strategies to move to the next phase of growth in business without losing sight of their personal needs. She was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 1992, and with the exception of several short-term disability leaves, has successfully managed her career. In addition to coaching, Joan is a veteran facilitator of the Get Clients Now! marketing...

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