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    Is your mind going to worries about things that are happening in your life right now, and is this affecting your sleep? It is very common to have worries about work, school, relationships, family, or health issues. If this is true for you, then write these issues down on paper during the daytime. Then consider which are productive worries and which are nonproductive. With productive worries, you can probably use problem-solving techniques to resolve it; meeting a deadline, for example, is a productive...Read More
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    Did you know that insomnia increases a person’s risk of developing depression? Physicians and psychologists used to think that insomnia was part and parcel of a person’s depression, that the insomnia came with the depression. However, now we know that insomnia often precedes depression. Major Depression Major depression is the most common type of clinical depression. If you have major depression and insomnia, it is first of all wise to get help for the depression itself. The two most effective...Read More
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    You guessed it—women are more likely than men to have insomnia. At least, they report it more often on surveys. About 11% of women have persistent insomnia that is severe enough that it interferes with their functioning, and many others are simply dissatisfied with their sleep. Some estimates are as high as 61% for the percent of women who have some kind of sleep problem. Why are the rates high in women? Well, perhaps women have greater awareness of their sleep and well-being, and perhaps they...Read More

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Judith Davidson

Judith R. Davidson, PhD, CPsych, is a scientist–clinician in the field of insomnia treatment. She is an assistant professor of Psychology and Oncology at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. She practices clinical psychology within a primary healthcare team. With over 30 years of research and clinical experience in the area of sleep, she is committed to making effective treatments accessible to people with insomnia. Dr. Davidson has received the designation Somnologist, Expert in Behavioural...

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