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    Anything the family did before, they can still do on the keto diet—it will just take a little more planning. Every parent who has been through the diet has suggestions to offer: The key to making the diet “portable” is reusable storage containers. Cold food is easier to transport than hot food. It is easy to get food microwaved in a restaurant. It is usually easier to weigh and assemble a whole meal or several meals at home in advance than to weigh food on the road. Eggnog is the traditional...Read More
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    The ketogenic diet takes a tremendous amount of effort from the whole family—parents, siblings, and of course the child on the keto diet. Here are are tips from parents who have experienced the keto diet: Kids don’t mind eating the same thing over and over. Find several simple menus that you and your child can agree on, and stick with them. Six to eight menus is probably all you’ll need. The multivitamin and calcium will take care of the rest. Use a salad or dessert plate and bowl so the...Read More
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    Fine-tuning the ketogenic diet typically occurs during the first few months of beginning the diet. However, it can also occur after years have gone by as a way to make the diet more effective. This can be an important part of making the diet individualized for your child, be it changes in calories, ratios, fluid allotments, or other variables such as medication dosing. Most changes can be done by phone and email when necessary. The fine-tuning phase is often the most time consuming for the dietitian...Read More

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