Living Fully with Mobility Issues

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    In the ways that really matter, disability does not change you. Rather, disability threatens concepts you have held about who you are. You bring to your disability whatever mix of attitudes, beliefs, fears, talents, charisma, or social skills you have—or have the capacity to develop. Who you are in the essential ways that really matter will inform your adjustment to disability. Notes a man who has been on wheels for years: "The most common question I've been asked by people who know someone with...Read More
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    Openness and honesty is a challenge for many families. Difficult as it is—because letting people know how you are feeling is often a very vulnerable thing to do, fearing criticism or being misunderstood altogether—there are compelling reasons for everyone sharing the experience of a recent disability to know what each is going through. This is an easy trap to fall into for well-intentioned reasons. Often everybody is so concerned that they will overwhelm someone with their feelings—especially...Read More
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    You have arrived at rehab, which means that a group of dedicated and highly trained professionals are at your service—the rehab team. The team consists of a case manager and others in patient services, a physician, and a range of therapists, depending on your needs. The team is committed to helping you reach the highest possible level of function with your disability. You, your family, and peer supporters will also function as part of the rehab team. Patient and Family Services: Patient services—often...Read More

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Gary Karp is an internationally recognized public speaker, corporate trainer, author, and editor, and was just inducted into the Spinal Cord Injury Hall of Fame as a Disability Educator. His work with university students in physical and occupational therapy is sponsored by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center. He has been living with a T12 spinal cord injury since 1973 when he was injured in a fall from a tree at the age of eighteen. Gary is the author of three books and his...

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