Making Life with Arthritis Easier

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    Cold joints are often stiff and sore joints. Here are some ways to keep your body warm and more limber: Fleece or electric mattress pads provide additional warmth underneath you to help you sleep better and wake with less pain. Wool also has natural insulation properties that work with your body to regulate your temperature, warming you quickly in the winter and wicking away moisture to cool you in the summer. Try down-filled comforters for lightweight warmth. Down-filled comforters often provide...Read More
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    Assistive devices can make walking with arthritis a little bit easier. Here are some tips to help you choose a cane, walking stick, or walker and use it to your advantage. Use a cane or walking stick: This will reduce pressure on the hip joint by 20–30 percent and result in less pain and fatigue. Proper cane height and usage is important. The top of the cane’s handle should reach your wrist when you are standing with arms at your side. Hold the cane or stick on the unaffected side of your body,...Read More
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    Inexpensive home modifications can improve your safety and comfort without costly remodeling or structural changes. If you need more ideas for improving accessibility in your home, ask your doctor to recommend an occupational therapist. She will come to your house to evaluate your surroundings and make suggestions specifically for you and your living situation. Here are a few improvements you can make to your bedroom: Keep a flashlight by the entrance to your bedroom. Use it at night when you have...Read More

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Shelley Peterman Schwarz and her husband, Dave, live in Madison, Wisconsin. At the time of her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 1979, Shelley was working part-time as a teacher of the deaf. Since 1985 she has published more than 300 articles and received numerous awards including the Mother of the Year from the Wisconsin Chapter of the National MS Society, the Partner in Health award from the Combined Health Appeal of America, and the Spirit of the American Woman award from J.C. Penney. Her nationally...

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