Navigating Smell and Taste Disorders

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    Umami is one of the five basic tastes, which also include sweet, sour, bitter, and salt. Umami, a Japanese word, is roughly translated as “tasty” but has also more descriptively been translated as savory, meaty, or brothy. It enhances the savory flavor of food, increases palatability, and contributes to the sense of satisfaction and fullness after eating. Studies have also shown that umami increases salivary flow, which ensures that food particles are broken down in the mouth to release aromas....Read More
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    If you have a smell and taste disorder you are likely to fit into one of the three following categories. These categories are based on symptoms and test results. For each of these three categories, particular strategies can be employed to maximize your enjoyment of food and drink. Partial Smell Loss with Normal Basic Taste (Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty, and Umami) and Normal Trigeminal Function (Texture, Temperature, and Spice) Individuals in this category are able to detect most flavors and can perceive...Read More
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    How We Smell What is the organ that senses smell? You probably answered “the nose,” as most people would. But in fact, the organ that senses smell lies within the nose—up in the highest part of the nose, to be precise—within the mucous membrane, the moist outer layer of the lining inside the nose, which is the first structure to come into contact with the air and odor molecules we breathe. The smell organ is made up of the olfactory cells, which are actually nerve cells that function as receptors...Read More

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Ronald DeVere

Dr. Ronald DeVere had practiced neurology for 30 years when he lost part of his ability to smell in 1995. He began researching smell and taste disorders in-depth after discovering a lack of information available on the subject. As a result of his research he opened the Taste and Smell Disorders Clinic in Austin, Texas as part of his practice and is director of the clinic to this day.

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