Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes

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    It’s one thing to remember to test all the time during pregnancy with pre-existing diabetes; it’s another to know what to do with all the information. Yes, the more you know, the healthier you can be, but sometimes you can drown in a sea of data. Here are a few life preservers to help you navigate without too much frustration. Don’t declutter yet. “Keep a folder to organize all your lab tests and results,” said Suzie Won. Having everything in one place, including blood sugar logs, records...Read More
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    For women with diabetes, low blood sugars can happen a lot during the first trimester of pregnancy, in part from trying to maintain such tight premeal ranges and because of how the body reacts during this phase of pregnancy. You may experience hypoglycemia unawareness, which is when you don’t feel the symptoms of a low blood sugar or until it is much lower than where you typically feel them. Of course, extremely low blood sugars are hopefully isolated (or unheard of) incidents, not everyday events....Read More
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    Once the second trimester of pregnancy begins for women with pre-existing diabetes, insulin needs—like your belly—typically start to swell. This can be a surprise or just another twist on the wild ride that is pregnancy with diabetes. Dealing with your body’s need for more insulin means that you’re more likely to see higher numbers, which lets you know that you need to up the amounts you take. Seeing such highs can be annoying. And “rage bolusing”—taking an uncalculated amount of insulin...Read More
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    By the third trimester of pregnancy for women with pre-existing diabetes, you may be in touch with your doctor’s office even more frequently than you are normally. With insulin resistance typically hitting even harder now, your regimen can require many adjustments, with phone calls, faxes, and visits with your endocrinologist and certified diabetes educator (CDE) to fine-tune anything from insulin-to-carb ratios, to basal rates for pump users, to diet. For those who can adjust their own insulin...Read More

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