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    Protecting your personal stake in safe care requires establishing good communication with all of your healthcare providers. This helps you to obtain complete information about your medical condition and participate in making decisions along the way. Several studies have shown that patients who are well informed about their health problems and satisfied with the care and communications from their healthcare providers experience a better treatment outcome than do those who are ill informed and dissatisfied...Read More
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    Infectious disease doctors find that many deaths occur because the bacteria that cause pneumonia aren't responding to antibiotic treatment; in other words, they are resistant to antibiotic treatment. That’s especially upsetting, because many people aren't aware that vaccines are available to help prevent pneumonia, and others avoid getting the vaccine because they mistakenly think it is harmful. The pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine is generally recommended for people aged 65 years and older and for...Read More
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    There are two very important lessons you should know in order to be a cautious patient: Stay informed and empowered, so that you can protect yourself from infections while you’re in the hospital. Wash your hands frequently and insist that healthcare workers do the same. If you remember just these two things, you are already qualified as a wise consumer of our hospital healthcare system. But consider this: Even if you have a serious illness, you’ll spend only a small part of your life as a...Read More

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Dr. Maryanne McGuckin has over 35 years of experience as a faculty and staff member of University of Pennsylvania. Currently she is a Senior Scholar in Health Policy Department at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Dr. McGuckin's specialty is infection control and hospital epidemiology. She created the Partners in Your Care program, a hand hygiene program which combines monitoring and patient empowerment and is used in several hundred hospitals in the U.S. and abroad. Dr. McGuckin served...

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