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    As somebody who has spent many years studying children and television, I can assure you, television is not a living force. Television is a medium. Some of the content it presents is great. Some of the content it presents is horrible. Recognizing the difference and recognizing what our kids watch on television, why they watch what they watch, and what happens when they watch television will help us craft strategies to allow them to get the most out of television while protecting them from its darker...Read More
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    “Brad, if my kid likes me so much, why does she treat me so differently when her friends are around? She seems to intentionally instigate arguments.” It’s a complaint I have heard from many parents. A common assumption for many parents in this situation is that kids act out in front friends because these kids believe that their parents will not react as forcibly if friends are around. From my work with kids, I believe opposite to be true. Often kids act out or instigate reactions from parents...Read More
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    I am very concerned about the weight of our kids. Many things that are trending in a positive direction for tweens and teens. Weight is not one of them. From the time childhood obesity entered the public conscience in the early 2000s, the percentage of kids who are obese has not gone down. In fact, from 1999 to 2009, the percentage of high school students who are obese actually increased. In 1999, 11% of high school students were obese. In 2009, 12% of high school students were obese. Obesity is...Read More

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R. Bradley Snyder is an expert on the behaviors and preferences of children and youth. His work has helped develop raw concepts into some of the most successful programs, campaigns, and media for kids.

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