The Ketogenic Diet For Kids

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    Ketogenic Diet Tip: In general, measure all meats and vegetables after cooking them. Make sure to pat them dry first. Eggs are one exception—eggs are always measured raw. Hot Dog, Burger and Green Beans Ingredients: Hebrew National hot dog: 25 grams Ground round beef: 25.5 grams Green beans: 20 grams Butter: 24.2 grams Directions: Wrap the hot dog in a paper towel and microwave for 45–50 seconds. Brown the beef in a nonstick skillet, pat dry on paper towels, and weigh after cooked. Steam the...Read More
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    There are many similar egg recipes, with only the carbohydrates varying in each recipe. It is important to realize that when you change any part of the recipe, it will affect the remainder of the recipe. If you serve eggs with strawberries rather than with bananas, for example, your child will get about three times as much fruit because strawberries are much lower in carbohydrates than bananas. If you choose “Eggs with Bacon and Orange Juice” rather than “Eggs and Bacon Smile,” you will notice...Read More
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    All references to bacon are really side pork (which is the meat from which bacon is made, before it’s smoked or processed). Your local butcher should be able to supply you with side pork. It takes extra work for the butcher, so you may have to explain why you need it. We would buy in bulk—10 to 20 individually wrapped pound packages, sliced thin, every one to two months. Bacon and Apple Pie Ingredients: Side pork: 15.3 grams Apples: 24.3 grams Butter: 23 grams Cream: 20 grams Cinnamon: tiny...Read More

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Deborah Ann Snyder

Deborah Ann Snyder, DO, graduated from the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is a family physician in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. At the age of four, her son Bryce began having uncontrollable seizures for which he was prescribed the ketogenic diet. After the diet's two-year course, her son Bryce is seizure-free.

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