Treatments for Breast Cancer

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    Your breast cancer treatment plan may call for the removal of a lump or breast. Following this surgery, you may want to pursue reconstructive surgery. With removal of a breast, you can choose simultaneous (a one-step procedure) or delayed reconstruction. You will want to have a discussion with your doctors about what is right for you. Your doctors will guide you through your options based on your health, treatment plan, and goals. Here are questions to ask your doctor when deciding if reconstructive...Read More
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    A clinical trial is a medical research study in which participants volunteer to test new methods to prevent, screen, diagnose, or treat a disease. The goal of these projects is to find safe, more effective treatments for patients. Should a new treatment prove effective, patients in this trial are the first to receive the resulting treatment. There are four phases of cancer clinical trials. Phase I evaluates safety, Phase II measures effectiveness, phase III tests against the best existing treatment,...Read More
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    After deciding to undergo surgery for breast cancer, your doctor and nurse will give you very specific instructions on what to do, what not to do, and what to bring to your surgery. Create a folder entitled "Instructions From the Doctor" as a convenient place to keep these instructions. If you are feeling anxious about the upcoming surgery, ask your doctor if there is a formal pre-treatment presentation for you to attend at your medical center. If you will be staying overnight after the surgery,...Read More

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