Understanding and Preventing Headaches

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    Many headache specialists stress that successful headache treatment depends on several factors, most importantly, the physician’s accurate diagnosis—which depends on your accurate description of symptoms. An equally important factor may be the nature of the doctor-patient relationship, which must be open and honest, with trust on the part of both patient and physician. Your physician must trust that you are telling the truth about your symptoms, and believe you. In turn, you must tell the truth...Read More
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    Even though it’s discussed frequently in the popular media, the subject of food sensitivities is very complex, and the ways in which foods and food additives affect those with headaches are even more difficult to understand. But for about 20% to 25% of headache sufferers, learning to identify food triggers can be life-changing. In addition to individual food allergies, the following are some triggers that are thought to cause headaches: alcohol use the artificial sugars aspartame and sucralose caffeine citrus...Read More
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    When employees are faced with distressing headaches, some employers are accommodating as much as possible, making more favorable changes in: Lighting Computer screen glare Relocating employees to quieter areas or reducing noise levels Enforcing fragrance- and smoke-free environments Educating supervisors about the employee’s condition Offering flexible scheduling Allowing the possibility of telecommuting during headache periods Not all people with migraines or other chronic headache conditions...Read More

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