What Nurses Know About HIV/AIDS

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    HIV, human immunodeficiency virus, is a virus that attacks your body’s immune system. Viruses are very small particles that need host cells, such as plant, animal, or human cells, for their survival and replication. Some viruses that cause cold or flu enter your body and attack the respiratory or digestive cells. Your immune system, which helps fight infections, has learned to recognize these viruses, and when these viruses enter your body, the immune system begins producing antibodies to fight...Read More
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    The stigma that has surrounded HIV disease, and continues to surround it, is real and can be intense. We think stigma is the biggest reason, and maybe the only reason, that makes an individual who is diagnosed with HIV afraid to tell his/her family, friends, and loved ones about the HIV diagnosis. Stigma is also the reason that, unfortunately, families and friends sometimes reject a loved one when the HIV diagnosis is disclosed. The extreme stigma that this particular disease, HIV, carries with it...Read More
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    Seborrheic dermatitis is the most common skin problem experienced by people living with HIV. While it only occurs in about 5% of the general population, it occurs in up to 90% of people with advanced HIV disease. While the cause is not entirely known, it is thought to be due to an excess of skin oil and a yeast called malassezia. Other risk factors for seborrheic dermatitis include: May run in families Stress Fatigue Weather extremes Oily skin Infrequent shampooing or cleaning of the skin Lotions...Read More

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Rose Farnan

Rose Farnan has been actively involved in the care of people living with HIV since 1991. In her current role as Infectious Diseases Program Manager at Truman Medical Center she has implemented several HIV programs targeting those clients most at risk for being poorly engaged or lapsing out of care. These programs include a Treatment Adherence Program utilizing HIV+ peer educators, a Bilingual Care Team providing enhanced services for Spanish speaking clients, and facilitated a collaboration of healthcare...

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