Women, Work, and Autoimmune Disease

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    Here are some options you might consider that can help you garner support, education, and fortitude: Nonprofit organizations devoted to supporting persons affected by a specific illness. Many of them have local chapters; this is especially true if you live in or near a major city. Online blogs and bulletin boards started by people sharing similar health challenges. Person-to-person connections with other women in the same situation. Make sure to stay away from whiners. You’re looking for people...Read More
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    To be sure, even healthy people struggle with the negative stress that comes from putting in too many hours at work, racing to meet tight deadlines, and not having the time to take breaks in the day to relax and regroup. When you live with autoimmune disease (AD), your body is already stressed, requiring even more tender loving care. For Susan, a supervisor in a large school-system payroll office, numbers and deadlines are part of the job. On most days, her symptoms of fibromyalgia are relatively...Read More
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    Linda was 24 and considering law school when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Always a high achiever, she decided that a law degree would guarantee a job, regardless of her health. When she graduated and was hired by a large firm, she disclosed her RA. It wasn’t a factor in what she could do, and no one paid any attention to it—including Linda. From the start, she sought the tough cases and extra assignments, because that’s what she thrived on. She didn’t want to refuse anything—nor...Read More

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Building on her experience living with chronic illnesses, including MS and ulcerative colitis, Rosalind Joffe founded the executive career coaching practice, cicoach.com, dedicated to help others with chronic illness develop the competencies they need to succeed. She is a recognized national expert on chronic illness in the workplace. As a leading executive career coach, she has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and ABC Radio, as well as a variety of regional and national...

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