Yoga and Breast Cancer

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    Hip joint rotations enhance the mobility of your hip joints, open the pelvis, and improve your sitting postures. You will become aware of the differences in your legs and the mobility of your ankles, as well as of obstructions in your joints. If you hear popping and cracking noises, don’t worry about it. Your body is simply telling you that you’re not used to the movement. The noise may be caused by roughness on the surface of the cartilage or gas formation in the fluid between joints. This is...Read More
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    This supine postures, shanti asana, familiarizes you with your own flexibility, makes you conscious of your breath, and relaxes you. The more you practice the posture, the better you will be at evaluating your body tone and the depth and rhythm of your breathing. Gradually, you will also become aware of your thoughts and feelings and begin to understand their influence on your temperament. Your general posture will also improve, your breathing will deepen, and you’ll find it easier to become focused. People...Read More
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    Often you are not aware that you are keeping your shoulders tight and pulled up for extensive periods of time until you feel pain or develop a headache. Counter poor posture in your shoulders by regularly performing these exercises for the neck, shoulders, and arm muscles. Keep in mind that after breast surgeries, it is vital to exercise hands, arms, and shoulders, especially after the removal of lymph nodes. The following exercises support the transport of tissue fluid back into the circulation....Read More

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