Yoga and Fertility

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    Several years ago, Indira joined one of my yoga for fertility classes. Although she had been born in India, she had not done yoga before. In fact, she told me that her mother and her mother’s friends used to do yoga at her house, and her mother would try to get her to join them. But she thought yoga was silly and old-fashioned, and refused to try it. She was a modern Indian woman, who worked in a high-stress job as a project manager in a high-tech company. From the start, I could see that Indira...Read More
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    Photo credit: Eliza Truitt Setup Do this pose at a clear space of wall, where you have room to take your legs straight up the wall without bumping into anything. Before you start, put on warm clothes and socks, and have a blanket handy which you can pull over yourself once you get into the pose. Place your yoga mat lengthwise to the wall. Option: place a folded blanket on your mat next to the wall. This can be helpful if your hamstrings are tight or if your low back is uncomfortable in the pose....Read More
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    Below is the story of one woman who found support, acceptance, and success through yoga for fertility: I met my husband in the summer of 2010, when I was 41. We started talking kids right away. We both knew we wanted kids and we knew we needed to get started soon. I had always had kind of irregular periods, so I decided to go to my OB/GYN and get some basic testing done. When the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) test came back at 15, my OB was totally discouraging. She told me that probably my...Read More

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Jill Mahrlig Petigara

Jill Mahrlig Petigara, E-RYT, MA, a registered yoga teacher since 2001, has helped many women struggling with fertility through both her work as a Fertility Yoga Teacher and as a volunteer with Resolve, the National Infertility Association. She teaches group and private classes in Atlanta where she lives with her beautiful family.

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