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    Photo credit: Marta Mlejnek Practicing yoga in flowing motion—moving into and out of a posture—enhances your mobility. Before you try to do the following combinations of postures, you should have practiced each posture for some time. Yoga done in flowing motion is very popular in yoga classes. If you decide to attend a class, it is important to find a teacher who understands your individual needs. For some people, it is difficult to flow from one posture into the other, whereas for others, it...Read More
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    This small yoga exercise has a wide range of effects: It immediately widens the bronchial tubes, helps you to breathe evenly, relaxes the body, calms the mind, and increases awareness. People suffering from asthma can have very good results. Practice with care and consciousness to feel its full benefit. Stop the exercise if you feel dizzy. Photo credit: Marta Mlejnek What To Do Sit upright on a chair or get into a comfortable posture on your mat. Relax your shoulders. Use a bolster to support...Read More
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    Photo credit: Marta Mlejnek The sphinx posture is a gentle backbend for the spine with the support of your forearms. This posture lengthens the front side of your hip and thigh muscles and mobilizes the spine. If you suffer from serious problems in your lower back, make sure that you keep your pelvic muscles tight and be easy with the backbend. Think of stretching and lengthening your spine, and do not force your torso into a backbend and get hurt. For this exercise, keep your elbows under your...Read More

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