Yoga is for everyone, no matter your size, shape or experience level.  For the next week, we will post one pose a day from the new book, Yoga XXL: A Journey to Health for Bigger People. These poses will help re-energize your body and show you the physically and mentally empowering effects of yoga.

Put yourself to the test - can you get down on the mat today? We hope you join us!

Day 1: Torso Rotation

The torso rotation is a very powerful posture, even though it is easy to do and requires little space or time to perform. It is a great post to do first thing in the morning to initiate movement in the body.

Benefits: It aligns and mobilizes many joints, including your spine, shoulders, and arms. If you stand tall with your feet well grounded on your mat, it also mobilizes the joints of your feet, legs, and hip.

What to Do: Keep your arms at shoulder height. Place your feet parallel, and make sure that your soles are in full contact with the floor.

  • Come into an upright standing posture.
  • Place your feet more than hip width apart. Make sure that both soles and outer side of your feet are touching the mat.
  • Inhaling through your nose, slowly raise both arms and stretch them to your sides at shoulder height. Raise your arms; do not pull up your shoulders. If you are not exactly sure, you can pull up your shoulders briefly and let them sink again.
Torso Rotation 1 Marta Mlejnek of Martencja Photography


  • Bend your right arm until your hand is in front of your sternum.
  • Exhaling, turn your outstretched left arm backward and rotate your upper torso and your head to the left, leading with your outstretched left arm.
Torso Rotation 2 Marta Mlejnek of Martencja Photography


  • Inhaling, rotate back into the starting position. Change the position of your arms; bend the left arm, and stretch out the right arm.
  • Exhaling, turn your head and upper body to the right, leading with your outstretched right arm.
  • Inhaling, turn back again, changing the position of your arms, and continue.
  • Repeat 6 times.
  • With an exhalation, lower your arms.
  • Finally, while in the standing posture, feel the effects of the rotation in your shoulders and upper spine. Close your eyes if it is pleasant for you.



About the Book

Yoga XXL: A Journey to Health for Bigger People shows you how to create a safe, enjoyable, and effective yoga practice no matter what your age, size, shape, or physical fitness level. The author, Ingrid Kollak, RN, PhD, is a licensed yoga teacher who knows that everyone can enjoy and benefit from yoga. With this book, you'll have everything you need to bring yoga - and more health and wellness - into your daily life immediately.

Yoga XXL