It's Day 2 of our 7-Day Yoga Challenge! Let's explore a pose that will release tension in the body. This is particularly useful for those of us who type frequently throughout the day.

(And in case you missed it, here is what we did on Day 1).

Day 2: Hand Lotus

The lotus exercise is a gentle rotation that bends your wrists and relaxes your fingers. It is a good exercise to counteract soreness in fingers and wrists resulting from long hours of manual work.

What to Do: Make sure that your wrists are closely connected during the complex movement. Relax your shoulders in an upright position.

  • Sit upright on a chair or on a mat.
  • Inhale while lifting your arms and elbows to chest height. Push your palms together.
Hand Lotus Marta Mlejnek of Martencja Photography


  • Put the tips of both your index fingers and thumbs together to form a nice circle and relax the other fingers.
  • Gently rotate your hands and forearms outward. Both wrists are moving around one another until the back of your hands meet with your fingers pointing downward.
  • Continue the rotation until your fingers point upward again.
  • Remain in a breathing rhythm that matches the gentle rotations.
  • Continue the gentle movement for six inhalations and exhalations.
  • Change the direction, gently rotating your hands and forearms inward for another six inhalations and exhalations.
  • You can do the exercise with your eyes closed.
  • With an exhalation, lower your arms into your lap, and feel the effects in your wrists.



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